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Staff Email and Websites

Office Staff

 Name  Assignment  Email  Website
 Darlene Hale  Principal  Ms. Hale's Website
 Vicki Kallick  Office Manager  N/A
 Barbara Batoog  Assist. Office Manager  N/A
 Kathy Gunderson  Health Educator  N/A

Certificated Staff

 Name  Assignment  Email Address  Link to Website
 Blair, Jacque  Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Blair's Website
 Bosko, Saralynn  1st Grade Teacher  Mrs. Bosko's Website
 Candelaria, Kristy  2nd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Candelaria's Website
 Casotti, Kathy  Transitional Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Casotti's Website
 Daniels, Quinn  4th Grade Teacher  Ms. Daniel's Website
 Elkin, Dawn-Monique  3rd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Elkin's Website
 Gad, Amy  Speech Therapist  Mrs. Gad's Website
 Hale, Darlene  Principal  Ms. Hale's Website
 Helms, Samantha  4th Grade Teacher  Ms. Helms' Website
 Humphrey, Kathleen  4th Grade Teacher  Mrs. Humphrey's Website
 Jaffee, Becky  Music Teacher  Ms. Jaffee's Website
 Kaashoek, Lynn  Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Kaashoek's Website
 Kenyon, Donna  5th Grade Teacher  Mrs. Kenyon's Website
 Kolokithas, Karen  2nd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Kolokithas' Website
 Mackesey, Lori  1st Grade Teacher  Mrs. Mackesey's Website
 McCaul, Nancy 2nd/3rd Grade/PE Teacher  Ms. McCaul's Website
 Morris, Jeannie  PE Teacher  Mrs. Morris' Website
 O'Connell, Moyra  3rd Grade Teacher  Mrs. O'Connell's Website
 Ornelas, Nicole  5th Grade Teacher  Ms. Ornelas' Website
 Pierce, Teresa  Science/2nd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Pierce's Website
 Price, Holly  1st Grade Teacher  Ms. Price's Website
 Reinthaler, Barbara  Transitional Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Reinthaler's Website
 Rodrigues, Chara  Reading Teacher  Mrs. Rodrigues' Website
 Smart, Lucille  Kindergarten Teacher  Mrs. Smart's Website
 Stein, Shira  Resource Teacher  Ms. Stein's Website
 Swanson, Jenny  3rd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Swanson's Website
 Tapfer, Denise  5th Grade Teacher  Ms. Tapfer's Website
 Tom, Suzanne  2nd Grade Teacher  Ms. Tom's Website
 Ware, Marissa  2nd/3rd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Ware's Website

Classified and Other Staff

 Name  Assignment  Email Address  Website
 Borg, Laurie  Rainbow Room Paraprofessional  N/A
 Del Beccaro, Denise  PE Instructional Assistant  N/A  N/A
 Dunlap, Lynette  Reading Specialist Asst, Paraprofessional  N/A
 Garcia, Angel  Custodian  N/A  N/A      
 Hart, Shelley  Psychologist  N/A      
 Hayes, Mary Ann  Librarian  Library Website
 Johnson, Linda  Paraprofessional  N/A
 Kallick, Andy  Campus Supervisor  N/A  N/A
 Lillig, Tracy  PE Instructional Assistant  N/A
 Luu, Dan  Head Custodian  N/A
 Mitchell, Morgan  Art Teacher  N/A
 Pinter, Cindi  Paraprofessional  N/A
 Simon, Kathy  Resource Paraprofessional  N/A
 Ware, Jane  Reading Specialist Asst  N/A
 Wilson, Janet  Paraprofessional  N/A